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Gairloch locals are particularly sensitive to the behaviour of tourists, this is partially due to their relative isolation, and partly because of the large number of elderly and vulnerable people living in the area,   Please do not travel to Arrowdale if you feel unwell or if you, or any of your guests, are supposed to be in isolation or quarantine following exposure or possible exposure to infection.

While it is impossible to remove all risk of infection and much will depend on the actions you and your guests take to reduce your personal risk, for your safety and that of our Housekeeper we are implementing some additional measures and enhancing our standard practice in an effort to prevent infection. We take this responsibility seriously. The Housekeeper is very experienced and the house is always cleaned to a high standard, but we hope you will find the following reassuring;

  • the Housekeeper will wear PPE when she is cleaning or visiting the house

  • for as long as Covid-19 remains a risk, we are providing guests with contactless arrivals and departures using a key safe

  • a bottles of hand sanitiser are available, for the use of guests when they first arrive and when they return from walks/activities

  • Keys used by guests will be disinfected between rentals

  • all hard surfaces inside the house will be thoroughly cleaned and, where possible, disinfected between rentals using a commercial virucidal solution to EN 14675 or EN14476 standards

  • all door handles, light switches, plug sockets will be similarly disinfected between rentals

  • soft furnishings will be steam cleaned between rentals and steam cleaning will also be used to disinfect other areas as required

  • windows will be opened and the house fully aired between rentals

  • all bedlinen and towels used by guests are washed at high temperature

  • should the Housekeeper or another tradesman need to visit the Lighthouse during rentals, they will be required to wear PPE during their time at Arrowdale

  • high quality soap in pump-action containers is provided in all bathrooms so that guests can follow the Government guidelines about regular hand-washing with soap and warm water

  • guests are provided with cleaning materials, should they wish to do any further cleaning during their stay

  • a supply of disposable nitrile gloves is also available in the cleaning cupboard for the use of guests in order to allow time for the steam cleaning and the disinfection of the house we are asking guests to vacate the property promptly by 10am and new guests are asked not to arrive until after 4pm


While we sincerely hope this does not happen, if any guests become unwell during their stay they are asked to inform us at the earliest opportunity. We will then arrange for the house to be deep-cleaned on their departure and will either delay or cancel the next booking.  

Cancellation Policy

Should a guest be forced to cancel their booking owing to Scottish or UK Government travel restrictions we will provide a full refund of their rental fee and the return of their deposit against damage up to the point of their arrival at Arrowdale.


Our Rental Agreement has been amended to provide guests with contractual certainty. If any guest would prefer to postpone their stay to alternative dates available at the time of cancellation for this reason, we would be delighted to accommodate them (any difference in cost will be refunded).

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